Double Wedding of Doom

Double Wedding of Doom

This week was the “much anticipated” February event on General Hospital and the truth about Peter is finally out. The double wedding had some ups and downs and, to be honest, I’m mostly glad that it is over.

Double Wedding of Doom

Full credit to Soap Jenn/Diagnosis Daytime for this heading and accurately describing the event. Anna and Valentin took matters into their own hands and had Peter kidnapped in an attempt to prevent him from marrying Maxie. Somehow, two WSB agents arranged the worst kidnapping ever and had him placed in a storage closet in a parking garage. Why they didn’t just have him killed or taken out of the country immediately, I’ll never quite understand. Dante stumbled upon Peter and, instead of completing the mission, he freed Peter and let him return to marry his friend. This was the second event of the week that left me scratching my head. Obrecht then interrupted the wedding and tried to talk some sense into Maxie, to no avail. Finally, Valentin stepped in and took matters into his own hands. He aired Peter’s laundry list of crimes to all in attendance and stopped the nuptials once and for all. However, this also brought Anna and Finn’s marriage plans to a screeching halt as Finn realized that Anna hadn’t been truthful with him, confided in Valentin over him, and allowed him to bring his daughter around a killer.

Overall, this wedding really, really didn’t work for me. I can’t imagine a situation where a Godmother and Goddaughter would actually want to get married on the same day as part of a double wedding. Also, somehow two ladies who have been on the show for ages couldn’t drum up more than a handful of guests. I understand that they are filming with COVID-19 precautions but I wish production would have been a bit more creative with finding ways to make the attendance at this event look a bit larger. Where was Roxy? Lastly, it was hard to get into a wedding where one bride and groom didn’t seem like they actually wanted to get married and the other bride and groom are simply a dreadful couple. Since I try not to be too negative in these blog entries, here is a list of the things I enjoyed from this event: the cute moments with Violet during the beginning of the ceremony, Jordan and Sam’s dresses, and the decorations at the Metro Court.

Peter Payoff

Once the truth about Peter was exposed, we received a teeny, tiny bit of payoff for watching the not-son of Anna Devane commit countless crimes against some fan-favorite characters. A highlight of the week was watching Mac punch Peter right in the face. Sam almost attacked him as well but, unfortunately, she was held back. I think we were all cheering for Franco when he took a crowbar to Peter’s head and attacked him in a stairwell. I’m sure Peter magically won’t die from this attack but maybe he can be in a vegetative state and find himself to be roommates with Ryan Chamberlain for a while.

In Other News:

#GrandmaWars continued this week. After the Wiley baby swap storyline went on for far too long, watching his grandmothers fight over him isn’t exactly something that I want to watch. Also, Michael has no one to blame for this whole mess but himself. Willow may have adopted Wiley but Nelle will always be his biological mother since Michael was hellbent on having a relationship with her when everyone in his life told him that she was bad news. Michael – fix this and let’s move on. Quickly.

We still don’t have confirmation as to Chase’s paternity. Instead, Finn and Jackie shared a moment after the non-wedding and Jackie told Finn that she had been reminded of why she was attracted to him all those years ago in offscreen land. Of course, Gregory just happened to be nearby to overhear this confession. While I was initially interested in the character of Jackie returning to the canvas, I now find myself a bit disappointed in the portrayal. I like Jackie as a reporter but as a mother and former lover, she comes across as a bit cold and distant. I don’t buy into her past with Finn and don’t care either way about her past with Gregory. So far, I liked her best when she was on a stakeout with Martin and his fried chicken.

 I’m sure we will have the continued fallout from the Double Wedding of Doom next week. I hope Maxie will finally, finally come to her senses, show some strength and walk away from Peter for good. Since she’s a bit short on family members and friends, it would be nice to see more of Mac by her side during this. Lastly, I hope Obrecht gets to parade around town and serve everyone with a big, fat “I told you so.”

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