Pool Days

Pool Days

We seemed to hit a bit of a summer lull this week in Port Charles. A lot happened but, at the same time, not a lot of it really stood out or was noteworthy. However, the pool continued to be my favorite set, I warmed to Austin, and Friday’s cliffhanger left me very intrigued.

On the Case

After a scuffle at the bar, Anna and Valentin got new information from Peter’s helicopter pilot. They learned that someone else was on the roof with Peter and, as they got a description of this fellow, Anna started putting the pieces together. Initially thinking that Peter had an ally, she eventually realized that Peter spent what might have been his last moments with an enemy – Finn. Valentin served as a great sounding board for Anna during this process but we don’t know what she’ll do with this information.

Small Talk

The potential pairing of Dante and Sam has run hot and cold over the past few months. I hoped we had finally turned a corner with their Fourth of July fireworks but the writers turned them into awkward teenagers this week, talking about their kiss for the umpteenth time. Things got even weirder when Sam rhymed her name with Spam and I’ll never be able to unhear that. While both of them have been out of the dating scene for years, I’m going to need them to act and talk like adults. Quickly.

All’s Cool at the Pool

The Metro Court pool was still the hot spot in town and the action that took place there was some of my favorite this week. Joss, Cam and Trina caught some rays and drank Shirley Temples at the pool.  Spencer/Victor was revealed to all of them and even got pushed in the water. Spencer later hung out with Britt poolside and the two of them had a great reunion. Lastly, Trina tried to “Parent Trap” Ava and Nik into calling off their divorce by sending each of them a drink, supposedly from one another, until Spencer called her out. I think Trina will eventually be the one to piece together that Spencer is the stalker and it will put them at odds once again.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Sean was officially released from prison with time served and is ready to find out who really shot Hayden. He teamed up with Sam for this mission and it just might give Sam something to do (although, side note, didn’t multiple characters figure this out in 2016/2017? Are we headed for a rewrite here?). As we know, Nik has been squirming in his seat for a few weeks now and the pressure might really start to build. Alexis was transferred to her “spa prison” and was just about to unwind and read a magazine when good old Ryan Chamberlain was wheeled into the common room. Yes! I’ve missed my dear Ryan and can’t wait to see if there’s any change in his condition.

In Other News:

The Savoy officially opened for business! I’m excited to have a club in Port Charles but they’re going to need to make it a bit more…fun. So far it just seems like a bar. I want to see live music or a DJ and people dancing!

Maxie had a moment with baby Louise before leaving town.

Maxie also finally had a chance to catch up with Austin. The two of them had a fun, easy chemistry and it reminded me a bit of when Maxie met Nathan before leaving town. Do we think Maxie and Austin will be paired together?

Violet had a Little League game. Finn and Liz used this opportunity to discuss Popsicle Peter. Finn’s suggestion was basically to put him in a body bag and dump him in a landfill. We’re all okay with this, Finn. Finn and Liz went on to discuss the Peter conundrum a few more times. Liz was full of more ideas, from having (potentially) new Chief of Staff Terry turn off the security cameras to involving Jason. At this point, they should just have Jason dump the body off the pier and be done with it.

Michael and Willow talked about waiting for each other.

Chase was frustrated with his lack of progress in physical therapy.

Portia and Curtis kissed. Jordan saw them and ran off in tears.  

Olivia got stuck in all of the #Sante awkwardness.

BFF’s Ava and Trina got coffee and talked about boys.

Brando chose a life with Sasha and their baby. Gladys wanted him to be a mobster in order to reap the benefits. Multiple fans wanted Gladys thrown into the pool.

Nina returned to Nixon Falls. “Mike’s” hair flip flopped between black and gray all week. Lenny and Phyllis went down memory lane while worrying about his health. No big advancements here; this storyline was still super boring.

Monica made her recommendation for Chief of Staff. Will it be Terry or Britt? My suspicion is that Monica will want a regime change and recommend Terry.

Lastly, Monica took Jason aside and talked to him about his engagement to Carly and her feelings about that in regards to how Carly treated AJ in the past. I love that this was included.

That’s all for now! For spoilers, check out Diagnosis Daytime. I’ll see ya next week!

One thought on “Pool Days

  1. Good read! A little Ryan goes a long way for me but I’m always thrilled to see Jon Lindstrom get more airtime. It struck me funny that the young couple with hardly any history, Brando & Sasha, were able to come right out and say what they while Dante & Sam and even Curtis & Portia stumbled around like teenagers. I think Finn’s angst is not so much from having killed Peter but carrying around this secret. Hopefully he’ll fess up to Anna and we can all move on. It was great to see Monica finally get to express her true feelings about Carly without any backtracking. She has every reason to dislike Carly and should be able to say so!


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