We Hardly Knew Ye

We Hardly Knew Ye

We’re in the dog days of summer and General Hospital characters dropped dead left and right last week. Tracy caused trouble from afar, Nik finally opened his eyes, and I got my wish of seeing Scotty and Obrecht at the pool! Speaking of pool – let’s dive in, shall we?

We Hardly Knew Ye

We experienced not one but two losses this week of ancillary characters. No sooner had Naomi finished talking to Sam and Shawn about Hayden did she wind up dead on the floor of her room. Her murder convinced Shawn and Sam that someone is going to great lengths to keep Hayden away from Port Charles. We caught a quick glimpse of her killer and he seemed to be tall, wearing a black and white suit, and known to Naomi. Many fans immediately speculated that it was Peter but of all the things that I don’t get about this storyline, I don’t see how or why he would be involved. I don’t know who else could be involved in this storyline but, for the sake of guessing, I’ll go with either Jerry Jacks or Victor Cassadine.

Over in Nixon Falls, Lenny spent his last hours at the Tan-o with Phyllis, Mike, and Nina. His death was obviously coming but it felt very, very sudden on Friday’s episode. Nina’s “oh crap” face when Mike reflected on the pain of losing a spouse was great. I still can’t believe that Nina has gone this long without slipping up and accidentally calling Mike by his real name. Because we barely knew Lenny, I hope we don’t spend too much time mourning this loss. I wonder if his funeral will bring any long-lost family members to Nixon Falls. Stella, perhaps? Someone’s eventually got to stumble upon Sonny’s small-town life, right?

Thy Will Be Done

We had a Tracy Quartermaine mention this week! My girl Tracy somehow always stirs up trouble even from The Land of the Offscreen Characters. She sent a message to Ned that she expected Austin would turn up at some point and that she had put the kibosh on a reconciliation between Edward and Jimmy Lee Holt years ago. Last week we saw Austin try to convince Chase to punish Michael by helping him find proof that Edward changed his will. Chase is usually the equivalent of a golden retriever puppy so it will be interesting to see where his broken heart leads him. Austin probably should have upped the ante and promised him an ELQ share or two for his work. Money talks. It’s been hard to get a good read on the character of Austin so far but it does seem that he has a bit of an edge to him. Overall, I’m still hoping that there is more to this story than just a random Quartermaine family member showing up and wanting some of the family fortune. We’ve been here and done that for years. I love the Quartermaine family but I want something deeper than this easy storyline.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Over at Springridge, Alexis and Nik went through Ryan’s mail and discovered an unopened letter to Spencer. Nik read it and discovered that his son had been telling Ryan all about the Ava situation while Ryan seemed to egg him on. Nik finally put two and two together and realized that his son is the “stalker.” Nik was furious and left Springridge, taking the letter with him. Harmony was very concerned when she realized this and it peaked my interest. I’m forever waiting for Ryan to become “unlocked” and kill a few more Port Charles residents. His scribe might just have to be the first to go…

Party Prep

Spencer’s “rager” started last week. I loved that Spencer tried to get Britt to attend. That is SUCH a classic teenage boy thing to do and I love the weird friendship that they have. I was really hoping that this party would actually be a wild teenage rager but I forgot that we are still filming in COVID times. So far it seems like we will have a lot of talking about the party between our four teens. I had also hoped that Trina would discover that Spencer was the stalker during the party and out him for this in honor of her bestie Ava but it seems that Nik has a plan in place to teach his son a lesson.

Honey I’m Home

I was further confused by the Carly-Jason wedding storyline this week. We saw Jason feeding an adorable-but-random Donna and Carly stated something along the lines that she would never know anyone but Jason as her father-figure. Is she planning on staying married to Jason forever? Carly seemed to suffer a crisis of conscience and was visited by ghost Sonny (Please note that ghost Sonny has black hair while Mike in Nixon Falls sports the salt and pepper look. Clearly that is supposed to be a big difference). Carly, girl, let’s stop pretending that marrying Jason isn’t a dream come true for you. The big question is whether they will have a platonic marriage or not.

Missing in Action

Completely missing in action last week was the search for Peter and Maxie’s baby. Can the PCPD only handle one case at a time? Where are Anna and Valentin when we need them? We spent way, way too many years with Peter terrorizing the town and viewers and now it feels like we have many more months of still being connected to this character. I think I can safely speak on behalf of all of us when I say that we’d love for Anna to find him and kill him once and for all.

Alright folks, that’s all for now. For spoilers and additional commentary, always check out my friend Jenn at Diagnosis Daytime. See ya next week!

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